1) Market Research

The Kenyan market is one of the few vibrant yet untapped economies in Africa. This is not made any better by the fact that Investors lack vital information that relates to the consumption trends and thought structure of the general population. There’s a wide array of resources lying idle yet over 80% of the population lives below the poverty line.

We employ Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies to assess the market trends on behalf of our clients bringing to them relevant information that would ultimately guide their Investment decisions.

Using our pool of experienced staff and experts, we articulately deliver on any market research area of interest to prospective investors availing to them information and reports vital in their decision making processes.

2) Accounting Consultancy

We offer accountancy services including book keeping, Internal and external audit, receivership, tax consultancy, mergers and acquisitions consultancy.

Our experienced staff own up the preparation of financial reports availing to our clients personalized information reflecting accurately the true and fair view of the financial operations of the client’s concern.

3) Training Enterprenuers

Wyma consultants offer training services to microenterprenuers delivering in the most interactive and skilled way relevant business tips.

The training cover areas ranging from financing, investing, business management, record keeping, expansion, change management, how to avoid common mistakes when running a business, et cetera.

4) ICT/Commerce Linkage

Wyma consultants is involved in availing to SMEs and LLCs relevant information related to Technological advancements and how to utilize ICT in developing business presence on the web.

We install and train on business management softwares and create websites for our clients.   This program is driven by a team of dedicated ICT team that provide necessary after sale support and integration.


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